Boise gets $600K grant to study homeless problem (KTVB)

BOISE -- City officials are hoping a grant from the University of Utah will help Boise find new ways to tackle the problem of homelessness.

The Pay For Success initiative is aimed at giving cities a more data-driven way to monitor homeless programs and see what works.

Diana, Lachiondo, Boise's Director of Community Parternships, says that will help the city use its resources in the most effective way.

"We know that it's not the most effective to have people sleeping on the streets or in the shelters. It costs governments and other entities like our health systems through use of police, through use of the jail, through use of the emergency rooms and the emergency shelter systems," said Lachiondo.

Boise ill use its share of the $600,000 grant to hire someone to examine Boise's current system and put together a new financial model. That hire will happen in the next few weeks.