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By Kevin Kaufman

egislative Update:

As we finish our 2015 session, I wanted to highlight some key bills that I sponsored. I have been working with my colleagues at the State Capitol to assist working-class families across the state,help more Colorado high school graduates find stable employment, and provide the best education possible for our kids. I am committed to fighting for legislation that moves Colorado forward and benefits our community.

Click here for a list of bills I am proud to have sponsored this session. The bills I sponsored were spurred by constituents in the district.

One bill worth highlighting that I am especially proud of is:

Pay for Success Contracts (HB 1317) - Reps. Garnett & Rankin

HB15-1317 creates a Pay for Success Contracts Program in Colorado. The program allows Colorado to contract with a third party for a desired program like improving economic opportunity or reducing homelessness with no up-front cost to the state. The third party is responsible for raising enough capital to launch and implement the intervention. If the program is successful and saves the state money, the state will pay the contractor back with the savings. If a program is not successful and does not save the state money, the contractor is not reimbursed. This is an innovative approach to address some of Colorado's most difficult social challenges.

Never hesitate to reach out to me with a policy idea you have for the next legislative session.

Kevin Kaufman: 303-473-1354,