Travis County gets $800K from Fed for homeless (KLBJ)

Travis County homeless advocates have some new help from the fed.

The Dept of Justice and HUD award the county over $800 thousand dollars as part of  the pay for success program.Ann Howard of Ending Community Homlessness Organization of Austin says the new 'Pay For Success' funding model pays only for agreed-upon outcomes for clients. "It's going to help us round up the housing, build partnerships with folks who have housing units. We're not going to pay them to do that but we're going to be working to put together the partnerships."

Howard says the over $800 thousand dollars they're getting as part of HUD and DOJ's Pay for Success program will help stitch together private and public partnerships to deal with homelessness issues. "We'll actually see a cost-avoidance to the community. And so, there's a return made on that private investment." Howard says the homeless will get additional support services including proper health care through the partnerships.

She says the partnerships they'll build from the private and public sectors will save people's lives and the community money. "That once the data proves that the community has avoided millions of dollars in cost, that they can use a small percentage of that avoided cost to help make a return on the private investment."